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Separating children from their families. Detaining human beings in cages. No access to soap or adequate sleep. Shutting the door on refugees seeking asylum.

America, this is not who we are.

Our immigration system is in crisis, and fixing it starts by acknowledging this truth: When people come to this country, they don’t leave their human rights at the border.

That’s why, as president, I’ll fight to transform our immigration system from one that tears families and communities apart to one that treats immigrants with dignity.

I will virtually eliminate immigrant detention by using executive authority to stop the treatment of immigrants as criminals, close inhumane DHS facilities, end the use of for-profit detention facilities, and get rid of unnecessary barriers for refugees and those seeking asylum.

If we want to repair the deep fractures in trust and alleviate the fear that’s been instilled in so many communities across our country by the Trump administration, we need to act now. Donald Trump didn’t wait for Congress to create this crisis, and I will not wait for Congress to solve it.

Here’s what will happen on Day One of my presidency:

  • Restore and expand protections for DACA, DAPA and TPS recipients.
  • Ensure that our system treats immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers with dignity.
  • Modernize our immigration policies and hold ICE and CBP accountable.
  • Reaffirm our values by expanding legal pathways to citizenship for immigrants and rolling back the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant policies.
  • Reverse President Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy.

That’s not all I’ll do about immigration on Day One as president (check out a full list here), but the truth is that’s still 567 days away.

We need to step up for the thousands of families suffering under the Trump administration’s cruel, un-American policies. So please, add your name if you agree that it’s time to reform our immigration system.

Together, we can make our immigration system reflect our American values of freedom, justice, and opportunity for all.

Thank you,


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