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I’m thrilled to announce the California Young Democrats (CYD) Ambassadors.

Through this program we have placed two to three CYD members on each Standing Committee as non-voting members. This program builds on the 25 percent of our Standing Committee members that are under the age of 35.

Our CYD Ambassadors will be able to learn from our current committees and gain experience working within our party’s Standing Committee structure. This experience will help them become more valuable contributors to our party and, I hope, leaders of the next generation of Democrats.

The CYD Ambassadorship Program will help us develop the next generation of party leadership. I am proud to announce our first Class of CYD Ambassadors and their assignments.

I look forward to one day hearing that members of the first class of CYD Ambassadors are officers of our party and co-chairs of our Standing Committees.

Thank you,

Rusty Hicks
Chair, California Democratic Party

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