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Our nation, and the 14th Amendment of our Constitution, were built on the promise that no matter who you are or where you come from – you can build a brighter future for your family on American soil. President Trump’s claim today that he can roll back a constitutionally protected birthright is not only an absurd, racist conspiracy, it is driven by a strategy to gin up his base, against you.


I know Donald Trump wishes he could take my citizenship away from me. My mother came here and forged a better life for her family, but Donald Trump would take away the promise that you can be an American no matter where you come from.


Donald Trump is attacking the very idea that we are a nation of immigrants who build vibrant communities that contribute to the rich fabric of America.


This President is quick to forget his own immigrant past. But he doesn’t see Latino immigrants as entitled to the American dream like his grandparents were. He sees us as less than, browner, rapists, thieves and criminals.


We are not. We are voters, and we are going to take our power back on November 6th.


In order to protect California, we need to send a fighter to Washington. Please, give what you can in the final stretch.  


Donald Trump is trying to take away citizenship from a whole generation of Latinos being born in the United States. We cannot let that happen. Please vote. Please get your neighbors to vote. Make it count.


Now’s your chance.


Thank you for everything. Let’s win this.





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