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Hi there,
Earlier this week, I joined United Teachers Los Angeles, SEIU Local 99, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, and Mayor Eric Garcetti at a rally in downtown LA to stand up for smaller classroom sizes, raising teacher pay, and putting more nurses in schools. 
I saw what the future of organized labor looks like: A coalition of teachers, education workers, and carpenters standing shoulder to shoulder fighting to make sure the future is better than the past; to defend workers’ rights; and to insist on more resources, on more professionals, and on better wages in our schools. 
The workers in LA may be organizing around a specific ballot measure, but the values they are defending are universal, and they are under attack by a federal government that does not understand the importance of public education. 
No solo es una pregunta de recursos…es una pregunta de valores. 
Our freedom is on the line, because education gives us the freedom to have the lives of our choosing. Freedom is not just about cutting. Freedom is about building, and our workers are building the platform to give our kids the freedom to have a better life. 
Our security is on the line, because a huge part of our national advantages rest on education in this country. If we lose that, there is no level of military gear that can do the job. When we stand up for education, we stand up for a safer America.
And our democracy is on the line because we are not just educating workers for the future, we are educating voters for the future. That’s why education is not optional. That’s why humanities and arts education are not a luxury. We are building citizenship in classrooms across the country. 
We organize as an act of hope. We do these things because we know they will make a difference — that’s what our democracy is all about. 
I was invigorated by the energy of the workers in LA, and I am sustained by your commitment to a better future. 
Thank you.

Pete for America 
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