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Last night, the Alabama Senate voted to strip women of health care rights by making abortion procedures a felony, with no exceptions for survivors of rape or incest. And just moments ago, the governor signed the bill into law.
The Alabama abortion ban is part of a full-frontal effort meant to erode women’s reproductive rights and their freedom nationwide. But let me be clear: women shouldn’t have to face this fight alone.
It’s on us men to speak out, too. It’s on us to take action. Not because women are our mothers, wives, daughters. Because women are people. And all people deserve to control their own bodies.
Today, when the attacks on women’s rights feel particularly acute, we must put our money where our mouths are to support women. Please join me in donating to organizations doing critical work on the ground. Click here to chip in.
Your contribution will benefit the following organizations: Access Reproductive Care-Southeast, Clinic Vest Project, National Network Of Abortion Funds, Planned Parenthood, and Yellowhammer Fund.
Team, we can’t get stuck in despair. Together, we can stop this dangerous, far-right movement to erode women’s rights and access to health care. Together, we can organize to demand reproductive justice. And together, we must take action.
Reproductive justice is a human rights issue, an economic issue and as President, I will fight tirelessly to defend access to reproductive care.
We will fully fund Planned Parenthood. We will end the epidemic of maternal mortality in America. We will permanently repeal the Hyde Amendment, and the United States will lead the way in putting an end to the global assault on women’s rights.
We will roll back the HHS rule allowing certain universities and private employers to opt out of coverage for birth control. And not only will I appoint Supreme Court justices who will defend Roe v. Wade, I will fight to codify it into federal law.
Bills like this one in Alabama are designed to take away women’s right to choose, and silence women’s voices. We can’t stand for it, and we won’t stand for it.
Let’s keep fighting together,

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