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Climate change is happening. We’re already seeing its effects — record floods, devastating wildfires, 100-year storms that happen every year.

We’re seeing real costs to our communities, but the Trump administration isn’t even trying to tackle the problem. They’re pulling out of the Paris Agreement, abandoning our commitments abroad, and rolling back EPA regulations here at home.

It’s time to fight back. I’ve got a plan to help make sure we hit the targets in the Green New Deal while creating over 1 million good jobs here in America.

Here’s my plan: Invest $2 trillion over the next ten years in green research, manufacturing, and exporting — linking American innovation directly to American jobs, and helping achieve the ambitious targets of the Green New Deal.

Add your name and let Washington know: People across the country are demanding bold investments in clean energy, right here, right now.

To combat the climate crisis, countries all around the world will be investing in clean energy technology for years to come. I’ve got a simple take on that — America should dominate this new market.

We have the creative researchers, the skilled workers, and the basic infrastructure to develop, manufacture, and export the technology the world needs to confront the existential threat of climate change.

My plan has three commitments:

1. Green Apollo Program: We’ll lead the world in developing and manufacturing the revolutionary clean energy technology the world will need, like the way we invested in innovative science to win the race to the moon.That means $400 billion in funding over the next ten years for clean energy research and development — more than ten times what we invested in the last ten years. And there’s an important condition: any company that wants to use that new taxpayer-funded research to build new products will have to make those products right here in America.

2. Green Industrial Mobilization: To truly combat climate change, we need to bring down global emissions, not just our own. That’s why we’ll use the full power of the federal government to spur innovation and create demand for American-made clean energy products, like how we mobilized our industrial base during World War II. That means a $1.5 trillion federal procurement commitment over the next ten years to purchase American-made clean, renewable, and emission-free energy products.

To ensure that this commitment creates good American jobs, we’ll require that all manufactured products are made in the United States, and that all companies that receive federal contracts, at a minimum:

  • Pay all employees at least $15 per hour, subject to adjustments for inflation
  • Guarantee employees at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave
  • Maintain fair scheduling practices
  • And ensure that employees may exercise collective bargaining rights

3. Green Marshall Plan: We’ll use all the tools in our diplomatic and economic arsenal to encourage other countries to purchase and deploy American-made clean energy technology. This includes a new federal office dedicated to selling American-made clean energy technology abroad and a $100 billion commitment to assist countries in purchasing and deploying this technology.

These are big ideas because we’re facing a crisis, and the time for small ideas is over.

I believe that we can aggressively reduce greenhouse emissions here at home and lead the way for the rest of the world. I believe that American entrepreneurs, scientists, and workers will be the driving force in the fight against climate change — but we’ve got to do everything in our power to back them up.

Add your name if you agree. Let’s put our government back in the fight against climate change and show everyone that America is ready for bold action.

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