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1. Tell Congress: Stop funding Trump’s hateful immigration policies!

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BACKGROUND: Our nation’s budgets are supposed to reflect our values and priorities, and we don’t want another dime of our tax dollars going towards a detention center that jails immigrant children or the construction of a harmful wall! The U.S. Congress must reign in ICE and Customs and Border Patrol and put an end to President Trump’s hateful immigration policies now and they have the power of the purse to do so. ***SIGN OUR LETTER NOW calling on the U.S. Congress to prioritize what our families really need—nutrition, healthcare, education, and disaster assistance programs—in budget negotiations and reject funding for family separation and Trump’s hateful immigration policies.

2. RSVP! Facebook Live Townhall on Working Family Tax Credits with MomsRising and Senator Sherrod Brown!

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BACKGROUND: We have an exciting event coming up! North Carolina mom Katie is going to be joining Senator Sherrod Brown (OH) for a Facebook Live Townhall to discuss working family tax credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) and we want YOU to join us! Here are the details: 

When: Monday, September 16th at 5:45pm ET
Where: Live on Facebook! The Townhall will take place on Senator Brown’s Facebook page and also will be linked to on the MomsRising Facebook page. We’ll send you the links when you RSVP.
What: Facebook Live Townhall to discuss working family tax credits like the EITC and Child Tax Credit, and the Working Families Tax Relief Act. The Townhall is sponsored by Senator Brown, MomsRising, Center for American Progress, and First Focus. North Carolina mom Katie will be there to tell her story and share the perspective of a working mom.

***RSVP NOW for the Facebook Live Townhall!

3. Demand Gun Control! Tell Congress to stand against the influence of white supremacy and the NRA

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BACKGROUND: We are calling on Congress to stand against the influence of white supremacy and the NRA, and finally take on comprehensive gun policy reform! They need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, disarm hate, pass universal background checks, support extreme-risk protection orders, and more. IT’S TRUE: The Second Amendment was in part originally added to the U.S. Constitution to appease southern colonies that feared the “tyranny” of a federal government that could expropriate the armed militias they needed in order to control people who were enslaved. And the National Rifle Association has a well-documented record of employing racist and xenophobic rhetoric and tactics that directly draws on the United States’ shameful history of slavery and racism. White supremacy has been at the root of inaction on gun violence. Speak out now.

4. Speak Out: Babies Need to be with their Moms! 

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BACKGROUND: Every working and breastfeeding mother should be able to experience that feeling of anticipation as they wrap up a hard day’s work and return to their loved ones. No one should carry the uncertainty of not knowing when they’ll see their children again. And yet, mothers like Maria Domingo-Garcia and others that have been separated by ICE from their children while they are still breastfeeding have had that taken away. We know that separating and incarcerating children and families causes tragic, long-term consequences to the health and well-being of children and their families. In spite of that knowledge, the Trump administration continues to push policies that do just that. We demand that the Trump Administration and Congress protect immigrant children and families. Add your name now. 

5. Tell Your U.S. Representative to Cosponsor the Assault Weapons Ban 2019!

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BACKGROUND: Military-style assault rifles and high-capacity magazines are weapons of war, pure and simple. And, as the recent shootings in Gilroy, El Paso, Dayton, and Odessa again demonstrated, they are the weapons of choice for mass shooters. More than anything, it has been assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that enable the horrific levels of violence. Exercise your power as a constituent and tell your member of Congress to cosponsor the Assault Weapons Ban 2019! The more cosponsors the House bill has, the closer it gets to a vote to move it forward in the legislative process and into law! Add your name! 

INSPIRATION: MomsRising team at the candidate debate in Houston last night! 


Thank you for all you do, 

– Karen, Kristin, Elyssa, Gloria, and the rest of the / Mamá Team

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