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Make corporate polluters pay to clean up their pollution: Call your state assemblymember and urge them to vote YES on AB 378.


Call 916-661-4213

California’s climate leadership is at a crossroads — and we need your help to move it forward.

The State Assembly could vote on the future of climate action in California as early as tomorrow — and the vote is close. AB 378 would extend California’s landmark cap-and-trade law, which sets a cap on greenhouse gas emissions and requires companies to pay for their pollution.

California is a global leader in fighting climate change — and with Donald Trump in the White House, our state’s climate leadership is more important than ever.

Tell your assemblymember: Vote YES on AB 378. Call 916-661-4213.

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Suggested talking points:

  • Hello, my name is [Name] and my ZIP code is [#####].
  • I urge you to uphold California’s climate leadership and vote YES on AB 378.

We can’t let Big Oil and other polluters get a free ride at the expense of everyday Californians. That’s why we make polluters pay — and we invest that money in energy efficiency, public transit, and clean energy. We’re protecting our air and creating thousands of good jobs for Californians. We’re showing the world that California’s clean energy economy is paving the way toward a more prosperous future.

Tell your assemblymember: Uphold California’s climate leadership and vote YES on AB 378. Call 916-661-4213.

Thanks for speaking up.

Tom Steyer
NextGen Climate