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A redacted version of the Mueller report was just released to the public. But we can’t stop there.

The American people deserve the truth — and we won’t get it until the full, unredacted report is released to Congress. It’s going to take thousands of supporters like you making your voices heard right now to see the full extent of what Mueller uncovered.

Add your name to call on Attorney General William Barr to release the full, unredacted report to Congress immediately.

Release the full report to Congress


We simply cannot trust Attorney General Barr’s redacted report to give us the full truth. Just today, we learned that Barr allowed Trump’s personal legal team and White House lawyers to read a partially redacted version of the report before it was given to Congress and the public. With the Attorney General behaving like the president’s personal lawyer, the redacted report just won’t cut it.

The report already paints a stunning picture of bottomless corruption, revealing that Trump and his team gladly reaped the benefits of a foreign adversary attacking our democracy — and that Trump launched a two-year interference campaign to conceal the truth from the American people.

A majority of Americans want Congress to receive a full copy of the Mueller report — but by now we know the Trump administration isn’t going to just hand it over. Only our voices coming together right now can form the pressure we need for the full, unredacted report to see the light of day.

Add your name to demand that Attorney General Barr release the Mueller report to Congress in full.

I won’t stop fighting for transparency and accountability in our government — I know you won’t either.


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

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