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Dear Democratic Party Leader:

I assume you are busy getting out the vote for your favorite candidate and thank you for all you do for our Party and its progressive agenda.  I myself will be heading out soon to do some politicking for my own favorite candidates.

In the interim, I wanted to share with you some very timely and critical information from the DNC about our general election opponent, Donald Trump, whose statements and actions threaten press freedom and who has built his campaign on an us-vs.-them xenophobia that chills me to the bone.  The DNC has released a video on Trump’s disgraceful record on veterans’ issues.  Please share widely as the disdain that Mr. Trump shows for our veterans belies any claim he might want to make about being committed to keeping our nation strong, as does his call for expansion of nuclear weaponry to Japan and the abandonment of our commitments to the safety of South Korea and NATO.

The DNC factivist report on the fact Trump continues to refuse to release his own tax returns to the public is also worth a read.

In closing, since this is LGBT Pride month, as well as Immigrant Heritage month, I thought I’d share the DNC releases on that as well.   Here are the statements: Pride Month and Immigrant Heritage Month.

Good luck to all those running for Democratic County Central Committee.  These committees are the workhorses of our Party and the job of committee member is thankless and largely invisible.  It is, nonetheless, vital to building our bench.  So, thanks for running!

Democratically yours,

Laurence Zakson

Member, Democratic National Committee (CA)