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I hate deadline emails, so I’m going to do something different.

As you may have heard, Nathan and I are in the middle of a two week quarantine after coming in close contact with someone who tested positive with COVID-19. (By the way, the 19 refers to the year it came into existence, I know that was befuddling for the President!)

Anyway, being stuck at home 24/7 has opened me up to a whole host of new experiences: Candy Crush, Solitaire and Words With Friends. So, this is what I am thinking: donate to my campaign (at any amount) and I’ll start a Words With Friends game with you (if you send me your username)!

And, any of my supporters who donate $100 before tonight’s midnight reporting deadline, I promise I will never ask you to play Words With Friends with me! Win-Win!

Our campaign to rebuild our democracy by expanding voting rights and making government at every level more representative of ALL our communities needs your support to take on the big corporate interests who are only out to serve themselves.

Will you help us defeat the billion-dollar corporations who are constantly trying to rig our democracy by contributing $10, $20, $50 or $100 today?



Thanks for your support,

~ Lorena



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