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There are 58 counties in our great state – each distinct unto itself.

Despite any differences, every county deserves a central committee that welcomes Democrats, recruits candidates for local office and has a valued role in our statewide Party operations.

It’s been great to see Lassen County come on board to our CDP team and we’re proud to be organizing in Modoc right now. But central committees can’t go it alone.

They need a CDP team that gets it – with a commitment to not talk at us, but listen tous. Each of our counties have varying needs and every county in California deserves a true working partnership with our State Party team.

Kimberly Ellis has the support of our central committees and many county chairs because she knows one size does not fit all. She is committed to helping each county succeed regardless or whether they are Deep Blue, Purple or Bright Red.

Kimberly doesn’t drive by or drop in… she invests, engages and inspires. She has run a “de” centralized campaign for Chair – putting paid organizers and fellows in the field – not calling from a single phone bank out of one county.

And that’s how she will lead this Party… with resources where we need them… with unique answers to our unique questions based on the needs of OUR own counties.

California is one state, but we are really The Mighty 58. When Kimberly Ellis is the Chair of this Party, we will have stronger county committees in every corner of the Golden State.

Democratically yours,

David Campos (San Francisco)
Laura Lowell (Calaveras)
Tisa Rodriguez (Riverside)
William Rodriguez-Kennedy (San Diego)

DCC Chair Endorsers (*titles used for identification purposes only)
Dianna Mitzner (Alpine)
Laura Lowell (Calaveras)
Maria Alegria (Contra Costa)
Annette Gonzalez-Buttner (Imperial)
Debra Baumann (Lake)
Jacob Hibbitts (Lassen)
Susan Smith-Rowe (Madera)
Kenneth Jowers (Mendocino)
James Mastin (Mendocino)
Alan Haffa (Monterey)
Tisa Rodriguez (Riverside)
William Rodriguez-Kennedy (San Diego)
David Campos (San Francisco)
Kimberly Warmsley (San Joaquin)
Rosemary Wrenn (San Luis Obispo)
Coco Raner-Walter (Santa Cruz)


San Francisco
San Luis Obispo


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Kimberly Ellis for California
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