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*** Alex Padilla has been endorsed for Secretary of State by the CDP ***

Alex Padilla

I am thrilled to share that the San Francisco Chronicle has endorsed my campaign for reelection. Read what the editorial board wrote in publishing their endorsement:

“Secretary of state is not the obscure post it used to be. Nor has Padilla, a Democratic former state senator and Los Angeles City Council president, treated it as a sinecure. Even before President Trump and Vladimir Putin helped raise his profile, the state’s top elections official was working to modernize neglected and outdated systems, expand voter registration and participation, and make campaign finances more transparent.”

“In a state that lagged in participation and other measures when he took office, Padilla’s focus on expanding voting and registration is the right one, and his success so far in doing so has earned him another term.”

I have made it my mission to make it easier for eligible Californians to register and vote.

I’m honored to have earned the San Francisco Chronicle’s endorsement for another term. I hope I’ve earned yours as well.

Can you chip in $5 to my campaign, so I can spread the word about this endorsement?

Thank you in advance for you support.


Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State