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For Immediate Release

December 16, 2016

Contact: Dave Jacobson, (818) 943-2348
Maclen Zilber, (510) 508-9142
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SACRAMENTO, CA — After intelligence officials revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally approved the hacking of Democratic Party operatives, today California Democratic Party First Vice Chair Alex Rooker released the following statement condemning what she called an act of war:

“Reports confirming what many of us already expected—that Vladimir Putin is directly behind the DNC hacking—are shocking and undeniably show that the Russian’s hacking was an act of cyber-warfare. While these hacks weren’t the sole reason for Trump’s victory, John Podesta’s leaked emails were a deciding factor tipping the scales in Trump’s favor in the last several weeks of the election.

“Perhaps even more outrageous is the incoming Administration’s outright denial about the source of these attacks, despite virtually every intelligence agency worldwide indicating that Russia clearly orchestrated the hacks. Additionally, the ambivalence of many of his Republican allies in Congress about this attack on American institutions is stunning and the height of hypocritical opportunism.

“This is an urgent matter that needs to be investigated and taken seriously by the incoming Congress, particularly given that the Trump Administration seems undaunted in unabashedly cozying up to Russia. While there are some Republicans in Congress that have had the courage and moral conviction to speak out on this issue, most have not. Hopefully this new damning report confirming Putin’s direct involvement in the hacks convinces Congressional Republicans to take meaningful action.”