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The last time Dianne Feinstein got on a debate stage was October 27th, 2000.

Eighteen years ago, George W. Bush was in the first year of his presidency, the World Trade Center was still standing, and there were roughly 5 million fewer residents of California. Beyoncé was still part of Destiny’s Child and ‘N Sync was at the top of the charts, I remember Santana had staged a comeback. The first season of Survivor and CSI had just started.

Needless to say, it’s been a while, and times have changed.

That’s why I’m calling on Dianne Feinstein to pledge to debate with me at least 3 timesbefore the November election, so that Californians have an opportunity to see their choices for the future of their state on a debate stage.

Add your name and call on Senator Dianne Feinstein to agree to debates.

The last time Dianne Feinstein got on stage, she wore anti-immigrant rhetoric on her sleeve. She supported the death penalty. She thought that a wall on the southern border wasn’t a terrible idea. She blamed immigrants for our economic woes, and presented herself as a moderate. The last time Californians got to see Dianne Feinstein on a debate stage, she might as well have been a different person than who she claims she is today.

That’s why today I held a press conference in Sacramento to call for 3  debates, on issues ranging from healthcare, to immigration, to our economic future.

Do you know where Dianne Feinstein stands on Medicare for All? Does she?

That’s why I need your help. Sign the petition now and let Dianne Feinstein know that the free ride is over. It’s time for her to debate the real progressive in this race and show California who she is.

Dianne Feinstein doesn’t want to debate. It’s a risk for her. She’s loaned her campaign millions and millions from her vast personal fortune, and she thinks she can skate by, with no accountability to the people of California.

But that’s not how our democracy should work.

If she wants to earn the votes of the millions of Californians who will mail in ballots and go to the polls, she needs to stand up on a debate stage with me and convince them that her values reflect California values. Only with your help can we put the pressure on her to do so.

In solidarity,



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