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Last night the Trump Administration filed a petition requesting the Supreme Court reverse the preliminary injunction we secured in court that halted the Administration’s termination of DACA and reinstated the program temporarily!

The Ninth Circuit Court, which the Administration went to earlier this week to seek an appeal, hasn’t even ruled on the issue. I’m confident the courts will see the logic and justice of the preliminary injunction.

As a government shutdown looms and Dreamers await a permanent DACA fix, no matter what, we’ll keep fighting to stand up for the roughly 200,000 hardworking Dreamers in our state who worked hard to earn the chance to live and work in our communities.

While the Administration desperately runs from court to court asking for the injunction to be overturned, please remind every Dreamer you know who lost DACA status: right now, the Administration must continue to accept DACA renewal applications. Learn more here.

Thank you,