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Tomorrow marks 100 days since President Trump took office.

Those first 100 days have been marked by conflict and fear.  But those 100 days have also been marked by something else: resistance.

Since Donald Trump first took office and began his war on healthcare, civil rights, immigrants, and the environment, people across the country have gotten involved and organized at every level of politics.

So how have I fought back?

• We fought back against President Trump’s baseless and dangerous voter fraud allegations.

• We announced that eligible 16 and 17-year-olds can now pre-register to vote online in California.

• We are calling for California voters to have an earlier say in the Presidential Primary process with our Prime Time Primary Bill, SB 568, authored by Senator Lara.

• I’m sponsoring the Voting Modernization Bond Act of 2018, which seeks $450 million to improve California’s voting systems, authored by Assemblymember Gonzalez-Flethcer.

And we are just getting started.

I will work tirelessly each and every day to defend our right to vote and fight back against laws and executive orders that would reverse the progress for which generations before us fought so hard.

Do you have additional ideas for what we should do in the next 100 days? Send me an email!  I’d love to hear from you.