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 We need your help! 

On Tuesday night at 7pm, TJ is going head to head with Trump Republican David Valadao. David Valadao isn’t going to be able to hide behind millions of dollars in dark money from his billionaire buddies. His failed record will be on trial.

TJ introduced more bills in 2 years (26) than Valadao did in 6 (22). There’s no question on who’s the better member of Congress.

Here’s what we’re expecting:

  • David Valadao is going to duck and dodge when it comes to Donald Trump, but TJ will rip apart his attempts to distance himself from the man he voted with 99% of the time.
  • TJ will dismantle Valadao’s flimsy record on water and the fact he never did one thing to bring clean drinking water to communities. 
  • Valadao will throw up a smoke screen of untruths cooked up by Kevin McCarthy’s personal team of professional liars and currently blanketing the TV airwaves, all in order to distract from Valadao’s abuse of his office by getting special loans from campaign donors and defaulting on a $6 million loan and leaving taxpayers holding the bag.
  • TJ will call out Valadao for his attacks on DREAMers

Social media is going to be important during this debate, since we won’t be watching it all together. Pundits and the media watching this debate are going to be just as influenced by TJ’s performance as they will be by the tweets they see about the debate. So we need a response from Team TJ that’s so loud it drowns out the haters.

Join Tuesday night by watching and commenting on Facebook and Twitter! 


The Team TJ Debate Night Challenge

  • On Tuesday morning, post on Facebook, Twitter, and your Instagram story that you’re watching online on either KGET or KSEE24 
  • Sometime between 6-7pm tweet again and invite fellow supporters to join and watch with you.
  • During the debate…
  • Retweet at least 4 tweets from TJ’s Twitter and like every Facebook post
  • Retweet tweets supportive of TJ
  • After the debate… Tweet your sum up tweet, either your favorite line from TJ or your favorite moment David Valadao revealed he works for Donald Trump, not the Valley.


Get creative with your tweets! But to make sure we’re all talking in the same conversation.

Hashtag your tweets:






Here’s some samples:

Supporting TJ:

TJ’s right. We MUST get everyone covered with quality health care. #CA21 #RallyForTheValley #TeamTJ

TJ has forced Washington to prioritize the Valley, so we can get the same health care, education, and opportunity as every other American. #TeamTJ

I support TJ because he’s stood up for DREAMers with action, not just talk. #CA21 #RallyForTheValley

Contrasting with David Valadao:

I can’t believe @dgvaladao said Donald Trump is “doing the best he can” on COVID-19. This is a disaster! #CA21

David Valadao voted to cut Social Security. I don’t think he should be able to steal the benefits I earned. #CoxValadaoDebate

I count on Medicare to stay healthy as I get older. If David Valadao got the cuts through he wanted, I’d be out of luck! #CA21 #HandsOffMedicare

Thank you for everything you do Michael – and we look forward to hearing from you on social media on Tuesday! 






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